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  • ST Recruitment Centre (02C4416)

  • Recruitment Centre

  • QC Inspector

  • Loyang (EAST)

  • $2300-2500

  • 5

  • O-Level

  • 2-3




    Minimum GCE 'O' level or equivalent.
    Prior experience in QC inspection/ QA role in engineering field would be advantageous.
    Proficient in MS office suite.
    Ability to conduct calibration and holding certification for calibration will be an added advantage.
    Knowledge of quality management system.
    Ability to read complex engineering drawing and reports will be an added advantage.
    (Optional ISO 9001 Internal Auditor)


    1. To assist the implementation of the Quality Assurance system, to comply with the ISO 9001, API, Q1, API Monogram and divisional requirements.
    2. To advise on Matters relating to Quality.
    3. To assist the development, processing & typing of local QMS instruction and documentation as required and to ensure that the quality documentations are properly prepared and approved as required in a timely manner.
    4. To monitor and actively follow up NCR actions in-house and complaints on suppliers.
    5. To report Quarterly NCR status, closure and any CPAR action taken on NCR and suppliers.
    6. To develop and perform internal and external audits, reporting findings and follow-up agreed corrective actions within specified timescales.
    7. To conduct supplier assessment audits for top ten suppliers/ as necessary for quality assurance.
    8. To provide training/ briefing to ensure that QC inspectors are fully aware of the QMS system and its requirements.
    9. Assist external ISO 9000 & API auditor by providing him with information requested.
    10. To provide training/ briefing to ensure that the requirements of the documented quality system are adhered too.
    11. To provide training/ briefing to ensure that the parts/ products inspected complies with drawing and specifications.
    12. To determine and conduct relevant training to the inspector and to make suitable training recommendation to the QA Manager.
    13. To co-ordinate external calibration/ verification and purchasing of new equipment as per QMS and Inspection requirements.
    14. Review suitability of equipment for use (After External and Internal Calibration).
    15. To control and actively follow up on external and internal calibration/ verification matters with inspector and relevant personnel.
    16. To control and conducted in-house calibration/ verification on the equipment as per recognised international standards as applicable.


  • 63381123

  • Transport pick up available.

  • Technical/ Engineering/ Production

  • Technical/ Engineering/ Production

  • Permanent

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