Job Details

  • ST Recruitment Centre (02C4416)

  • Recruitment Centre

  • Buggy Steward

  • Changi

  • $Nego.

  • 5

  • N-Level

  • 1

  • Requirements:

    • Minimum Secondary education with preferably 1 year of relevant experience.
    • Must be prepared to perform shift duties on weekends and public holidays.
    • Physically fit and able to carry heavy items.


    To ensure all buggies are in by end of the day and properly accounted for and charged for the next day use.
    To check and ensure all trolleys are accounted for by end of the day and locked up.
    Liaise with mechanic department on buggy damage and ensure it is ready for use in a quickest possible time.
    Report all lost locker keys to the technician and get them replace with new ones so that there will be sufficient lockers to be used.
    Unloading of golf bags from buggy and cleaning of club, ensure all wood overs/ putter covers and stuff are placed back to the rightful bag.
    Ensuring fertilized sand is available for use at all time.
    Ensure all golf bag locker rental service is paid by members when used.
    Ensure all buggies upon return are checked carefully and reported if there is any damage.
    Ensure upon collection of golf bag the buggy stewards are to cross check the locker tag against the bag tag before returning the golf bag to the rightful owner.


  • 63381123

  • Singaporeans.
    3 rotating shifts. Early transport pick-up at 6am.

  • Customer Service/ Call Centres Telemarketing

  • Counter/ Showroom/ Exhibition Sales/ Retail

  • Permanent

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